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 Democrats and the Muslims (9)

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Democrats and the Muslims

Ilhan Omar a Democrat and a Muslim.
Rashida Tlaib a Democrat and a Muslim.

Now Democrats can you say that the 2 Muslims have shown support for Gay Marriage that Democrats are told to support.
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Why is it Democrats vote for those that oppose Gay Marriage and the LGBTQ crowd.

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Why is it Democrats vote for those that oppose Gay Marriage

Because you're retarded? You support a party which is completely against gay marriage and has been for decades.

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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Are the Iranians in support of the LGBTQ crowd that you support.

AlofRI(3263) Clarified
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As an American I vote for a person and his/her/its thoughts that I think are best for the country. I don't vote for a Muslim, a white person, a Christian, a Jew or an asshole (Trump didn't get my vote ;-). I'm not a racist, I am not interested in a persons religion, I'm not interested in what (or whom) he does in the bedroom … as long as it's Constitutional.

I guess that's why I'm not getting upset every day about other people or religions or their love life. I can see why you are so upset every day, and have so many questions. I suggest you read the Constitution, not between the lines or just the Second Amendment. Read about where it says what people are the best or smartest, that what is the "only" religion acceptable and about what anyone can do in bed (or in the backseat of a Chinaman's car. Report back, please. ;-)

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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Voting is a good thing but you have avoided why Democrats support Muslims.

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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The Constitution has so much meaning to you until it does not agree with your Liberal support of abortion on demand for any reason. The Constitution says we the people have the right of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

That viable baby has a right to life you hideous hypocrite phony.

You ignore that very important part of the Constitution when supporting No Restriction abortions of viable babies every time you vote for Democrats.

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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I guarantee you would not vote for a strong pro life person, so spare us your lies.

Your not interested in all those things, but killing babies? That's very important to people like you who have slept with 60 women.