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Democrats call for ''Truth Commission''

Minister of Truth

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A little truth after 4 years of lies (26,000 verifiable) would be nice for a change. I know those who live by the REAL FAUX News would feel ... uncomfortable ... with "truth", but, that's what MOST of U.S. on the left look for. Hopefully, it will come back in vogue with the 2nd impeachment of Herr Fuhrer. ;-)

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BaloneyHead(93) Disputed
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Let's do a test to see if that is true.

Is it true or false that a penis makes you a male?

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Mongele(486) Clarified
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If you're born with male genitalia you're a male.

Simple and easy.

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DrChamberlin(33) Disputed
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Seeing as you can't even mention something about Trump without going down the whole "Fuhrer" rabbit hole. It's a good indication that you don't actually know what the truth is yourself.

I'd also like to see what your source is for that "26k verifiable" quote, if at all possible.

The fact that the democrats are calling for something that's being called the Truth Commission, should worry you. Seeing as they've had just as hard to grasp relationship with the Truth, over the last four years, maybe even more so than Trump. As they've been pushing one insane conspiracy against the man, one after the other. And now they want to somehow decide what the truth is at this point.

That is by far one of the most laughable things and one of the most terrifying, that I've heard in a long time.

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Next we shall have Biden's thought police when we'll all be in trouble.

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Yeah, but we're still going to have family separations in those instances as well. It's just that your kids get to stay with him.

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The only book conservatives can quote is a book that wasn't even meant for them. Pity they're not smarter.

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Not the most popular of our Presidents I note.

He's a dangerous and unpredictable man who, even now should be treated with care.

Left to his own devices he'll probably go into a tantrum spin and disappear up his own ass.

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