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 Democrats once again wallow in LGBT identity politics. 24 Black Transgender women killed. (3)

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Democrats once again wallow in LGBT identity politics. 24 Black Transgender women killed.

"Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttegieg have highlighted supposed increased violence against transgender individuals on the campaign trail, notably in September at an LGBTQ rights forum when she read the names of transgender women of color who have been killed in 2019."

"Twenty-four known transgender individuals have been killed in the U.S. in 2019 alone. The Human Rights Campaign has called the wave of violence an epidemic."

So here is what Democrats call an epedemic... 24 people out of all America. She wants to name each person in the Rose Garden once a year to get money from LGBT groups. Do you have any idea how many Black men die each year in big Democrat controlled cities from gang violence? She could read off more names from Black on Black violence EACH AND EVERY DAY.

It's truly sickening what the Democrat Party is doing to divide America into Identity groups, pitting one group against another. Please tell us why LGBT groups get CONSTANT mention from Democrats while the rest of us can die unnoticed?
Why do Transgedners get to indoctrinate our kindergartners in public schools while the rest of us have no access?
Why do Gays get special appreciation days in schools, in Disney parks, etc.?

The Democrat Party has been taken over by extremists, and if you vote for politicians who only speak out on behalf of certain Political correct groups (for money), then you are helping in dividing America into factions. Politicians should speak in terms of ALL Americans, not pandering to certain groups for money and votes.

This is the goal of the Leftists running the Democrat Party. Divide and conqueor!

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More African Americans killed than that in Chicago in 30 minutes but the Democrats will avoid that real reality.

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Yes, but those people being killed in big cities do not give money to the Democrat Party. Hence they get no mention!

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So you do the percentages on 24 people out of 330 MILLION, and then compare that to other groups.

If it does not bother you when politicians take our money to pander to their special interest base, then WAKE UP!

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They will hate anyone on their list of oppressed groups if that person doesn't say and think as they are told.

FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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The first and formost requirement for getting special mention from Democrats is money and votes.

They would not be giving dsyfunctional groups the time of day if there were not political benefits.