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 Democrats panic over surge in Conservative Judges (28)

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Democrats panic over surge in Conservative Judges

Ali Velshi  of MSDNC is very upset.
Ali Velshi said this :
“The Trump administration has done more to shape the courts in just one term than any other president in recent history,” anchor Ali Velshi announced at the top of December 16 segment on MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle. He then warned: “It’s a strategy that will affect the laws of the land for years to come.”

While the Democrats have been focused on impeachment their media has been asleep and are just now catching up to what is really happening.

DNC media has been Asleep at the Wheel 

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The host really shocked Ali by providing Ali some numbers:

Since taking office, President Trump has nominated a whopping 234 federal judges. 174 of whom have been confirmed....President Trump has named a total of 50 judges to appeal courts, compare that to President Obama’s total of 55 judges to the Appeals Court in the entire eight years at the White House. And at this point in the Obama presidency, he had only confirmed 24 federal Appeals Court judges courts.

The Democrat was shocked because with the rest of the Democrats they live in a bubble.

This is great news. Trump is truly a great Conservative that understands the importance of Constitutionalist Judges.

Liberals had their run with Obama, and now it's over.

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We should panic, Trump has given arms to legal terrorists. Moscow Mitch blocked Obama from doing his job, now we are in deep doo-doo! Justice is almost dead in America. Obama was correct, he COULD have won a third term …. and maybe saved our republic. The scum of the Earth, (at least those who haven't been indicted :-), are taking over! VOTE Democratic ….. last chance for Democracy!

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Save out democracy, that's what Trump is doing. You need to quit watching only MSNBC/CNN et. al. and wake up to reality.

You're welcome.

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HF your response is spot on but the poor little Democrat minion cannot stay away from MSDNC nor CNN because it is drawn to that type of viewing.

Reality is not a world a Democrat can survive in.

FWeatsBooty(7) Disputed
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Save out democracy, that's what Trump is doing.

What democracy? You mean republic right?

You need to quit watching only MSNBC/CNN et. al. and wake up to reality.

Right wingers say that while watching only fox news, it's pretty pathetic.

Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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Democrat your media has focused you on impeachment and being the good little minion you follow along with the script the media feeds you.

AlofRI(3156) Clarified
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I follow the script I write myself after scanning MANY media. You (obviously) follow only ONE … or two if we count Trumtweets as "media". Funny, few around the world agree with the FAUX multi-medias. Now, you be a "good little minion" and try other comparisons in the new year. You'll be MUCH more intelligent come voting time. ;-)

Oh, and the rumor that smoking is bad for your health IS TRUE … even that stuff YOU smoke.

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Democrats panic over surge in Conservative Judges

Hello Poochy boy:

Panic???? Not from this lib.. I LOVE the Constitution.

As we've ascertained over the years, you have NO IDEA what the Constitution says.. Like most right wing ignoramus's, you ask where gay marriage is mentioned in the Constitution, as though the words NEED to be in there for gay marriage to be legal.. That is the STUPIDEST shit I've ever heard.. Yet, it spews from your mouth...

As a strict Constitutionalist, I applaud judges who read and understand the Constitution... It IS, after all, a VERY liberal document. Of course, he's appointed a few wacko judges who've NEVER been in court, and I oppose those cause, like you, they haven't read the Constitution either.

Now, fetch this stick..


Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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Did i just wake you up to the reality you were clueless to.

You Democrats are so focused on what your media tells you that the world around you is a foreign place to you.

Why is it you are so spun out that you cannot reply to the reality of of what is happening around you.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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It's truly sad we have so many Liberals taking the Constitution and twisting it to fit whatever sick policies you want.

REMEMBER PRIVACY? The Left used that clause in the Constitution to justify KILLING INNOCENT BABIES!

They actually made the argument that a killer has the right to execute her baby when it's location is in a private place! SICK TWISTED DISTORTION OF THE CONSTITUTION!

To say the Constitution OK's Gay marriage would be no different if some Pedophile used the constitution to allow equal rights to lower age of marital consent for children.

Liberals are destroying the Constitution and people like you actually have the nerve to say you love the Constitution?


excon(14590) Disputed
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Give me a break

Hello again, From:

Aren’t you the one who thinks you can vote Christianity into your school and every other religion out? You are, aren’t you? That’s what freedom of religion means to you??? Freedom for Christians and nobody else??? Dude.

You don’t get any more unconstitutional than that.