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 Democrats what happened to Beto (6)

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Democrats what happened to Beto

Oprah was a big fan of Beto and put money in the pocket of the Democrat.
And when the Democrat Beto went down in flames where was the Oprah.
Have you Democrats seen Joy supporting the failed Beto.
Where is this Micheal that the Cone Head Brain of CNN supported for president. 
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Democrats have lost their interest in the Oprah and why would that be.

I think he was too stupid not to hide the truth that the Democrat's goals are taking our guns.

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I think he was too stupid not to hide the truth that the Democrat's goals are taking our guns

Your guns are taking our children, idiot.

FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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The fool spews pure lies, as always.

I have not had one Leftist answer my question. I will give you one more chance...

Why is it that 60 years ago in America, there were no mass shootings of children in schools. There were no mass killing of strangers for no good reason. Back then, most people had guns and there were very few gun regulations.

So if the Left's reasoning is that the weapon of choice is the reason for these mass killings, why were there so few back then?

To the sane people on this planet, we realize that GUNS are NOT the problem. It's our culture, its all the drugs, it's Hollywood violence, it's a breakdown in our family structure whereby kids are abandoned, living with case workers, dead beat fathers no where in the picture, etc. etc.

But to gun hating idiots like you, IT'S THE GUN!

Chinaman(2055) Clarified
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The Brit says we need a police force to confiscate guns. Yet the Leftist oppose a police force. Is your world as confused as you portray it to be.