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 Democrats where is Adam Schiff's whistle blower at (3)

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Democrats where is Adam Schiff's whistle blower at

What happened to the totalitarian Adam Schiff's whistle blower. 
Is the whistle blower in hiding now.
Let me take a stab at this did Bug Eyed Schiff's program not work out for him.

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Nothing the Bug Eyed Schiff tries to do works out for him. The totalitarian is a failure but Democrats should believe that Democrat politicians will not do anything for them. Adam proves that.

To put the whistle blower on stand in a private hearing, would prove that Schiff was involved in the entire scheme.

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Protected under the LAW! I know you conservatives have NO RESPECT for "the Law", not even the Constitution of this "Constitutional Republic", but, we liberals DO!

Every statement BY the whistleblower has been corroborated by every actual witness that has been allowed …. or decided to follow the LAWS of subpoena ….. so, there is NO NEED for the whistleblower to become a target of NRA followers! SMART! :-)