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 Dems test for and kill Special Needs Babies so if they had a late term test for being Gay? (5)

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Dems test for and kill Special Needs Babies so if they had a late term test for being Gay?

The Democrat Party supports late term testing and killing of Special Need's babies, so what if there were such a thing as a test for being Gay?

Would you so called tolerant open minded inclusive Progressives support killing a late term baby for being Gay? Would that be a tolerant inclusive thing to do?

How is that different then supporting the killing of Special Need's babies for merely being different?

Maybe if you intolerant phonies ever had the intelligence to look in the mirror and see yourselves, you might stop being so judgmental against conservatives who do not think like you. Nah, you lack the honesty to admit your own intolerant sins.
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We should abort all "special needs" babies. Even the average functioning human being is little more than a parasite, what makes you think we have room for retards on top of the 7 billion disease sacks that are already polluting the planet? You are directly opposed to natural selection, which is entirely bypassed by the human species since the few of them that actually use those big homo sapien brains of theirs have managed to produce the technology and medicine and infrastructure that allows the common homo sapien to skate along through life thinking they are superior to everything else when they are in fact a pathetic, superstitious, weak animal that would never survive in nature. The last thing we need is to coddle and protect the most inferior among the most inferior, especially when they haven't even been born yet and are barely sentient.

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When you vote for the Democrat Party that supports No Restriction abortions of viable late term babies, you are supporting it yourself!