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Kansas Cith is in Kansas The left is desperate
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Kansas Cith is in Kansas

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The left is desperate

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Bronto, you are a liar, a fraud and a cheat, you have over 200 accounts on this site, you've been banned over a dozen times just that I know about, and your ceaseless wave of ridiculous Trumpian propaganda is irritating and stupid.

Do everybody in the world a favour and go live in a cave. You're a horrible little man who would do or say anything about anybody as long as there was a few dollars in it for you. You absolute cockroach.

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Some Dems may, I'm not. The John does enough stupid things so I don't have to go after the things his lack of intelligence leads him to do! He OBVOIUSLY has the lowest IQ of anyone who has occupied the White House. My biggest worry is that The John thinks MOSCOW should be in Washington DC! He's worried about Bolton "giving away confidential info to Americans" after HE gave away confidential info TO THE RUSSIANS IN THE OVAL OFFICE! …. probably TWICE! He wont let Americans see evidence of what he has done and at the same time, he wont let Americans see what he and Putin say behind closed doors!

PUTIN knows exactly what he says and does at all times! In this country AND the Ukraine, and Finland, and UAR and Turkey and Israel and N. Korea …. but to Americans "it's privileged information"! The John doesn't like Americans to know anything … he wants U.S. to be more like HIM! ;-)

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Chinaman(3015) Clarified
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Democrat you still chasing those Russians that your mind tells you to chase.

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Chinaman(3015) Clarified
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Democrat did you do a head count of how many Russian voters were at the Super Bowl yesterday. You are concerned with Russians.

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They're all ignorant.

Everyone knows kansas is in County Fermanagh.

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