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Designer Babies

Altering the DNA of embryos using CRISPR technology is a new, rapidly progressing area of science, which allows scientists/parents the opportunity to ponder which genetic attributes they would like to delete or alter in human embryos. 


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Designer Babies

Hello 9C:

Sure.. As long as the technology is available to EVERYBODY, rich and poor alike. Otherwise, rich people, who tend to be white, will finally have the opportunity to implement Hitlers dream..

But, I'll betcha white folk ain't gonna want brown people to have such technology.. I can't imagine why.


PS> Sounds like a classroom discussion.. Cool.. Hopefully, I've kicked it off in the right direction..

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Like almost everything, there is good and bad in this science. If it can eliminate disease, if it can generate humans better suited for long space travel, if it can make more women like JLO it can be GREAT! (That last one is a personal opinion of course ;-).

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