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Destroying Nomenclature

I can't believe how much of a dick head you are. Between the constant accusations and the random fits of intellectual dishonesty it's just becoming too much. You are an intellectual narcissist who can't tolerate being wrong or being disagreed with and you project it onto me. You are willing to pretend that a theory is the same thing as a religious belief to defend your position. You make up your own reality to suit your argument, such as saying that I somehow suggested belief and faith are not the same thing.
Let us recollect who of us is truly an egotistical douche bag who is too stubborn to admit when they're wrong. I have admitted I was wrong on multiple fronts which you know well, but I have never seen you do the same even once. You also have faith based beliefs whereas I do not. For example, you believe there was life on mars, that the genetic code was created by aliens, that I cheat at chess, and that particles are more fundamental than fields. I do not have beliefs, I have facts, speculation, and that which I THINK is more or less likely based on the available evidence yet I acknowledge the possibility of it being false.
You could argue that you don't have religious faith in the above mentioned things, but then you would have to admit that you can think something based on reason and evidence without believing in it. I know I am infuriating you more and more as you read this because it's like a 40 inch whale cock penetrating your fragile ego in the butt hole. I am going to rip your mind's hole so wide that you finally learn the meaning of open mindedness and find the grey area between objective truth and baseless belief. Furthermore, you labeling your own ideology as a religion is disgusting. Socialism is not a superstitious belief system, it is an economic system and a body of socio-economic theories.
You have literally argued that an ideology is the same thing as a religion, and said that science is an ideology. Are you seriously going to stand by the claim that science is a religion? Because that's literally what you're saying and it's fucking stupid. Science is the opposite of religion because religion is based on mindlessly believing things regardless of the evidence and science is a methodology that seeks to find out what works as an explanation for physical phenomena based on evidence. Nothing about a scientific theory requires you to believe in it, if you did believe in it it wouldn't be entirely faith-based because a theory has reasonable evidence by definition and nothing can be called fact unless it is proven irrefutable which is often nearly impossible to do.
Socialism is the most scientific of all political ideologies, particularly RBE and Marxism. I understand that there are "utopian socialists" and "christian socialists" and all manner of irrational brands of socialism however. I base my socialist ideology on discerning what system would produce the best outcome and be the most logical, not based on some emotional desire or faith (which is not to say I don't strongly desire it obviously). As a rational socialist, you should know that even utopian, irrational versions of socialism are still socialism and in that sense they are still advocating what is the most logical type of society to have without realizing how it really works or why it is logic that makes it necessary rather than mere idealistic notions. The point being, socialist ideology is something that can be reached by pure cold calculating logic and requires no faith or idealistic zealotry. 


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