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 Dick Smith should be Australias Prime Minister. (1)

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Dick Smith should be Australias Prime Minister.


Julia Abott , Tony Gillard , yeah i know , i jumbled their names .

So what !, their both the same - Incompetant.

Australians ought to be still cranking bonfires on cracker night and sucking off garden hoses from random front yards , but no just like many other relaxed Aussie antics those rights are gone.

Dicky Smith has offered 1 million dollars as prize money in a competition to solve our ever increasing population.

It is restricted to those under the age of 25 , so as im 38 , i cant enter.

But i do have this to offer as a solution . - Dick Smith PM for Australia.

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Unfortunately, I know nothing about Australian politics, so I really don't have a opinion.

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