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Trump said he did!! Trump is a liar!!
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Did George H.W. Bush store millions of nuclear secrets at a bowling alley/restaurant?



Trump said he did!!

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Trump is a liar!!

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Well, a bowling ally/restaurant is probably one of the best places to hide state secrets.

I mean, did you ever hear reports of foreign agents breaking into bowling allies in the dead of night searching for governmental classified military documents?

Actually, Geordie Boy confessed to hiding such confidential papers under his bed.

That was yet another one of Geordie Boy's masterplans, or to put it this way, who would ever think of looking beneath a bed for a Nation's nuclear launch codes?

See? And you thought we were governed by idiots.

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Maybe he did. The left now worships the Bushes and the Cheyneys, so you tell us.

Side: Trump is a liar!!