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Did God put Biden here to see if the Democrats would vote for worse than Trump


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IMPOSSIBLE! NOTHING is worse than Trump! There IS a close second, though. Because HE can get away with more than Trump can (unless Trump wins the next election .... then all bets are off)! The "President" of Brazil has just surpassed U.S. in deaths per day. He is pushing exactly what his buddy Donald J. is WANTING to do! He's even pushing Hydrochloroshit! This on top of the fact that he's burning down the world's oxygen supply :-(similar to how Trump "cares for" the ecology!). Will the world survive Trump and his "buddies"??

Go play more golf DJ! You do less damage on the golf course than you do in a day in the White House! GO JOE! NO GOD would unleash a Trump (or a wannabe) on a world .... not a "loving God" anyway!

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God doesn't make mistakes like Biden, he makes perfection like Trump.


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