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Did Jesus have the right to live, and not be beaten, or crucified, for sinners?


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It seems to me that Jesus was beaten and crucified because he was a liberal. He objected to the rich and the way they treated their workers, women, the poor. He was living in one of the first oligarchs and the King didn't like his politics. Nothing to do with "sins".

That is, if the whole thing was true. Damned liberals …. always making trouble when they're taken advantage of! ;-)

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I say yes for many reasons. Jesus as God had any right He wanted, including to lay His Life down, and raise it back up again, according to Scripture.

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Saltal(196) Banned
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No, but claiming that the Crucifixion was an act of sacrifice to save us all from eternal damnation was a pretty good excuse for not using the claimed divine powers to stop the gory execution.

Sort of like making it look as though you're leading a parade when your being drummed out of town.

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Redeemed(1422) Disputed
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Someone had to pay for our sins........................................................................

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Saltal(196) Disputed Banned
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Insofar that we are accused of being born with sin it would not be unreasonable to request details of these sins.

Such an explanation should include the sins committed by viable babies and those who have dedicated their lives to helping and healing others such as Mother Theresa.

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Rhyme(125) Disputed Banned
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