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Did Kamala Harris sleep her way to the top?

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Admits He Had Affair With Kamala Harris, Helped To Launch Her Career

There had long been rumors of an extramarital affair between Brown and Harris, who just launched her 2020 presidential campaign.

Slept her way to the top

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So what

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Did Kamala Harris sleep her way to the top?

Hello S:

Yup.. She's a dick grabber alright.. I think she fucked long dong silver too.. But, he won't admit it cause she paid him off..


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Bronto(2003) Disputed
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But Con. Is this not the same Kamala that's known for waggling that self righteous morality finger at us... Do tell.

But at least she's good at one thing, eh Con?

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I've had dozens of "affairs". That doesn't make me a bad person. ;-)

Can we talk about Trumps affairs?? The ones that he paid to keep quiet??

Does Kamala have a couple dozen men accusing HER of rape or abuse??

Which is worse? Her sleeping her way to the TOP …. or Trump sleeping his way to the bottom!?

She's smart, He's dumb; She's nice looking, he's fat and ugly; She doesn't like Putin, he does; She wants to help the middle class (and below), HE helps the rich (and above); She likes democracy, he likes nationalism (Nazism)!

SHE can sleep in MY bed anytime …. HE CAN'T!

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