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Did Native Americans Own Slaves?!

Honestly I haven’t researched this extensively.  But some evidence says did and even continued even after Civil War!  


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Native Americans were not accustomed to slavery. Actually, about 30% of the slave workforce was Native but they fought back and were not as obedient being a proud people who hated the white American population because of the genocide of their people that was over a third larger than Hitler's genocide.

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So why did the Democrats do that?

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Did Native Americans Own Slaves?!

Yes. And many black people owned slaves as well.

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Every culture in human history has had slavery. The Muslims still have them.

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Many Native American tribes practiced some form of slavery before the European introduction of African slavery into North America.[1]

Native American groups often enslaved war captives whom they primarily used for small-scale labor.[1] Others however, were used in ritual sacrifice,[1] usually involving torture as part of religious rites, and these sometimes involved ritual cannibalism.[2]

Supporting Evidence: Native slavery (
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