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Did Obama bow to Saudi King?

Stop the video at 22 seconds if you need to. Was Obama bowing? Or do you believe the White House when it claims he was ''double handshacking to a smaller guy.''

Something tell me if he kissed the guys feet, the White House would claim he was tying the guys shoes.


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well, it's obvious that he did.

i really don't see the BIG deal on any of this. i don't know why the NBC people have to try and convince us that it wasn't when it obviously was, and i don't see why the conservative talk radio guys have to constantly bring it back up.

he did something goofy. i do remember Bush holding his hand (although, it was custom for the Saudis) and everyone making such a big deal out of it.

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Yes, a bow is considered the norm in Asian countries, not sure about Saudi Arabia. I see nothing wrong with it, as long as the bow it mutually done, which in this case it was not.

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The whole point about it, is that Obama is the head of State, and like you said, the Saudi king didnt bow back. In the eyes of al Qaeda and Hezbollah, what does that look like? It looks like Obama is weak and surrending to the Saudis, which Osama bin Laden came from.

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mustang(14) Disputed
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If the Pres Obama looked weak for bowing to the King of Saudi, then how does both the pres. named Bush look for holding hands with him

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Seems to me like he did, but personally I don't see the problem. He bowed to the monarch of the country that he is currently visiting; big deal. As a non-American with an outside view of this, I'd rather the leader of one of the world's most powerful countries showed a suitable amount of respect to other world leaders (the same amount of respect that he in turn would expect from those visiting the US).

You gain respect by showing respect.

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There has been a lot of discrepancy, not only with whether or not he bowed to the Saudi King but also as to whether or not he authorized ATTACKS on the pirates. Apparently he authorized A TAX on the pirates in order to pay for the swine flu vaccines instead of taking the money from the stimulus package.

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President Obama's Presidential predecessors did the same thing. It's called Presidential protocol.

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The reasons why Obama is NOT a good president for the USA

It’s because of his history, and his world view

He was raised by a protesting family, his mom and grandfather (may be WW2 vet) but grandfather had a close friendship with Frank M Davis – who had communist world views and was identified on a watch list by the FBI

He was raised with Anti-American Anti- Colonial- Anti- Great Britain views. This was his influence, this was his family and his peers.

He spent much of his young age in different Countries, regardless if he was hatched in Hawaii, which is technically a state, but the non tourist areas of Hawaii still hold an anti-Colonial ideology. And that’s not just a feeling towards British Colonialism, it includes the USA.

He was raised in Indonesia, 85% Muslim population, and also manages schools there. His father was also from a heavily populated Muslim country, who Obama idealized through the eyes by his radical mother.

THERE IS A REASON why our presidents need to BY LAW be born here in the USA. THE MISTAKE our forefathers made, was they ALSO should have included, raised here too! The next guy in office should fix that. Back then when the law was written, it wasn’t as easy to travel abroad. It wasn’t really thought out to that extent. But it was the intention. Born here raised here American inside out is what they meant.

The PROBLEM is this: Obama had a world view that was NOT birthed in PATRIOTISM, but actually was birthed and nurtured in ANTI-PATRIOTISM.

So he has no reason to honor the things and the values and the people that Americans hold dear. A president in America is supposed to represent America and the ideology of America and of Americans.

He was a poison in any position of influence in our society. And foolish Americans elected him anyway.

The difference:

He grew up surrounded by revolutions against Western Civilization.

Hating American “Capitalism” which we should now call Free Market now anyway.

Obama's views come out of his own life experiences and influences.

Indonesia is also 85% Muslim. This matters, and OBAMA will tell you why it matters out of his own mouth! And in some cases, also by what doesn’t come out of his mouth.

What’s in your heart comes out of your mouth. So we learned the heart of this man 8 years too late! For the record, I did NOT vote for him.

America is 83% Christian.

So when Obama comes on TV and wishes 83 % of us Americans who are Christian, the majority of the population of Americans a “HAPPY EASTER”, and then in the same SENTENCE begins to talk about Crusades and the “evils” in our history, that actually came out of Great Britain. Who is he a part of? Us? Or Indonesia? Or Kenya, or of Hawaii (from villages that dislike America)

But, then on Muslim High Holy Days, he comes on TV and goes on and on and on with praises for Muslims and the limited if any contribution of Muslims in the making of OUR country. But, unlike Easter, and regardless of time period relevance, there isn’t any mention of 9/11. But again, uses that platform to bash the people whose HOUSE he lives in. Suspect of our goodness and accusations of Christian intolerance.

Christians are being beheaded, are we beheading Muslims?

He is NOT America’s president. He is a president, but not America’s president.

He either represents a country that is 83% Christian OR he represents a country that is 85% Muslim. His allegiance follows the latter.

It’s been a piss and a shit on Americans, and he has gotten away with it for 8 years!

He bows to Muslim totalitarian dictators, and by doing so tells the word and Terrorist that 9/11 was a success, as our REPRESENTATIVE, he bows showing respect to these Muslim Rulers, praises leaders of IRAN as great and wonderful, favoring countries who breed terrorism, with hate aimed at us. And disrespects our Allies, he the 1st US president to bow to a Muslim King, which is NOT acceptable. And our Allie Queen of England he didn’t show respect.

He had mentors, who where they?

Frank Marshall Davis 2015/03/the washingtonempostemsugarcoatsobamascommunistmentor.html#ixzz3VanoJC9E

More on Obama’s life and history

And so much more….!!

Here is Obama Wishing Christians a HAPPY EASTER. Our highest of all Holy Days

And also his negative opinion of the words in the Bible disrespecting 83% of the people he represents!

And then here he is talking to Muslims and his praises without a negative word honoring the Koran again disrespecting 83% of the people he represents!

ALL this is why he should have NEVER been president.

The Best message we can send to the world is to IMPEACH him!

Obama Praises Muslims/Puts Down Christians
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