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Daft President=daft electorate Biden reflects the U.S. people
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Did Putin move on Ukraine because we voted in an imbecile as our President?

Putin's intelligence people will have advised him that any nation which would vote an imbecile into power must themselves be a bundle of imbecilic zombies and therefore would be a push-over in any psychological or military conflict.
The *''Commander-in-chief'' of the world's most powerful army is a dithering, stammering and confused old fool who probably doesn't even know where the hell Ukraine is. 
Our courageous troops are the best trained and equipped in the world but their top Brass are incompetent, hesitant misfits who must drain the morale from our young lions. 

Daft President=daft electorate

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Biden reflects the U.S. people

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As President Poopy Pants grimaces, stammers and stutters his way through yet another ''painful to see and listen to speech'' Putin will feel vindicated that he moved when he did.

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When Poopy Pants stumbles his way, awkwardly through discussions with Putin the Russian President looks at him with an expression of disbelief on his face.

Putin must be asking himself;- is this IMBECILE the best America has got?

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Absolutely what Putin is thinking. He's taking his opportunity while he can. If Trump runs again and gets into office, VLAD THE MAD will certainly back down.

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Why doesn't Poopy Pants stand behind his pulpit and make noises more commensurate with his character, such as;- Baaa, Baaa, bleet-bleet.

I don't think he could even manage that without screwing it up.


Side: Biden reflects the U.S. people
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Side: Biden reflects the U.S. people
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Biden reflects the U.S. people where Rump did NOT! He reflected Putin's people! Putin could have WALKED into Ukraine with Rumps BLESSING ... certainly NOT the majority (the VAST majority) of the "AMERICAN" people ... (which YOU are certainly NOT one of)!

Side: Biden reflects the U.S. people
Pench(841) Disputed
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As an impassioned Poopy Pants supporter you follow the standard left-wing's glaringly transparent diversionary tactic of introducing Trump into given topic involving Biden in a futile attempt to channel attention away from his catalogue of eye-wateringly awful disasters.

Trump's apparent support for Putin's actions was disgraceful and should end his political career and reduce his support to a trickle.

However, shithead, it's a shame that, like your halfwit mother was, you are such a dumb fuck that it has to be pointed out to you that Trump has nothing to do with this topic.

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AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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I would say that I would like to be half as smart as you, but ... nobody wants to be THAT DUMB!

The mystery is why you don't run for President if you are as smart as you THINK you are? You are the DUMB-ASS here, and even my mother was smarter than you! (She'd NEVER go for the authoritarianism YOU apparently support.) Why else would you insult the President, any President

that was fighting to keep this country together so badly? (And, by the way, Fornicate THOU!)

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excon(17402) Disputed
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you are such a dumb fuck that it has to be pointed out to you that Trump has nothing to do with this topic.

Hello topic Nazi:

If you can't win the debate, snivel about the topic.



Side: Biden reflects the U.S. people
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I'm sorry, WHAT? Trump represented the American people better than Biden EVER will. Obama and Biden were too soft on Russia, they let Putin walk all over them. America needs a leader who will stand up to Putin and put America first.

Side: Daft President=daft electorate