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Did San Antonio Holmes deserve Superbowl MVP?

Yes he saved the game!

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It was a clutch play at the end that gave the Steelers the lead. I was at a Pitt Party at the time and when the instant replay showed Holmes missing the first TD catch by merely being a clutz had everyone in the room yelling at him. Then the very next play he saves the game with a TD. He deserves it since he saved the game. BB did not play at his best. The 100 yd pick return ( longest PLAY in NFL history ) is deserving of some credit but that is the only awsome thing he did.

Then again didn't all Holmes do was make a TD? a game saving TD but it was still just a TD. If that ball had not been picked and returned wouldnt the game have had a definately different turn?

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As much as I hate to admit it, Santonio Holmes deserved to be the Superbowl MVP. The only other player on the winning team worth considering is Ben Roethlisberger (the 100-yard return was exciting but not enough to be MVP worthy unless combined with other awesomeness).

However, Big Ben's stats from the game just don't line up with Superbowl MVP stats for a QB.

On the other hand, Santanio Holmas had the numbers to back it up:

Santonio Holmes WR

9 Rec, 131 yds

1 TD

PS - If the Cards had won, Warner would have been the MVP.

Supporting Evidence: Holmes goes from drug dealer to Super Bowl MVP (
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Yes, Holmes saved the game. He made most of the catches for the steelers. Caught the winning touchdown. Who else deserved it? No one in my opinion

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The game was one of SuperBowl most awesome with the last minute win - sadly it wasn't one of the Pitts best played games, but the comradery between Ben and Holmes worked! The stradegy to make the played worked - bottom line. Well planned, well played - they went for the "what have we got to lose, let's play our wild card".

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VERY sour grapes! What do you know about what these two people may or may not have in common? He hasn't even taken office yet! You're moving my eyes at this in crossed!

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Yes he showed up and gotmade a great catch to win the game.

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9 Receptions

131 Yards

1 TD


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Give it to Harrison for makeing the pick that ruined the Card's momentum.

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Santonio Holmes made a great catch, don't get me wrong. But if you go back several plays before the Holmes catch, Ben Roethlisberger evaded a few guys and avoided the sack before making a great pass. If he didn't do that, then Holmes would've never had that touchdown. If you go to the 2:55 mark in the video, you'll see what Im talking about. Im not saying that Ben deserves MVP, but Holmes wasn't the one who made the passes that led to the touchdown.

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