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Did Time do right with the Silence Breakers?

This is not questioning whether the #Me, too movement was worthy - I believe it was - nor whether Alyssa Milano did wrong - I think she's done a great thing - but whether Time messed up when they awarded the Silence Breakers without putting Tarana Burke front and center, and recognizing the fight that she's been fighting fr approximately a decade, now.  They mentioned her, but only just, buried deep in the article.

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This response could have gone to either side...

If someone truly cares about their cause then they want to see it elevated even if it grows beyond them or society somehow forgets where it all started. Time tried to do right for the cause. And I doubt someone in the editorial room said "whatever you do, don't put Tarana Burke on the cover."

The other thing is if you do put the founder of the movement on instead of the movement as a whole then you've kind of named Tarana Burke as the person of the year instead of the movement she started.

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You present a good point, but my issue isn't so much with the cover. That's there for magazine sales. I would rather see the the first credit to her be in the first paragraph, and not so much as an, "Oh, yeah, by the way". The article itself could have made her much more of a focus, while still not just making it all about her.

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Fair enough. I see your point. ................................................................

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I kind of feel like they went with the faces most recognized and most likely to have someone buy the article without really knowing what it's about instead of honoring the accusers who don't have star power to back them up. It's good what they did but imo they left out the major fighters.

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Tarana Burke is a black woman, a marginalized minority in comparison with all these big names that stepped forward, and this would have been all about Alyssa Milano and others like her, had Alyssa not made the extra effort to make sure that credit was given where it was due - and still, Tarana Burke is relegated to a footnote.

She's a gracious woman, and hasn't complained, being grateful for the movement - but she deserves so much more. She's fought the fight, while celebrity status and a pretty face was all it took to give it traction.

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