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Did You Know That Quantum Systems Can't Change While They Are Being Observed?


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But I Hate You

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excon(14590) Banned
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Did You Know That Quantum Systems Can't Change While They Are Being Observed?

Hello hater:

I DID know that.. That's because Jews like me gravitate to the sciences.. We even understand DNA... Pity you don't..

Wanna SEE the results of my science derived DNA test??? Yeah, you do, so you can DENY it???

excon, educated Jew

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JamesDD(10) Disputed
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Hello hater

Hello child.

I DID know that..

No you didn't. You came in here to attack me, because that's exactly the kind of creature you are.

Jews like me gravitate to the sciences

Your false claim of being Jewish has been debunked hundreds of times, but of course that does not phase you in the slightest. Persistence and brute force are your weapons, while science is just a word you exploit for your own ends.

We even understand DNA... Pity you don't.

For the hundredth (I'm not even exaggerating!!) time, biological DNA cannot predict who your ancestors were. Your biological DNA has been split hundreds, if not thousands of times, before it has eventually culminated in your personal concoction of idiocy. That makes it absolutely ridiculous for you to claim your DNA is Jewish. Please see:-

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

Any ancestral "history" identified by a simple genetic test is just one of dozens of possible interpretations, and to try to trace our lineage directly through our genes is "absurd", they claimed.

You continue to ignore the fact that you are wrong and attack whoever points it out. Let me explain to you, in no uncertain terms, that this is not the behaviour of someone who gives a flying rat's ass about science. This is the behaviour of a raging moron who is too selfish and unreasonable to alter his own beliefs when confronted with evidence that they are wrong.

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Side: But I Hate You