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Brietbart hates him Kanye West hates him
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Did right wing Jewish boy Ben Shapiro pick the wrong horse to ride?


I DID mention that we Jews have been hated by EVERYBODY at one time or another..  What more proof do you need?


Brietbart hates him

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Kanye West hates him

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Do you ever shut the fuck up? You are literally OBSESSED with anti-Semitism. You're not Jewish. You're a dirty lying prick with a big mouth and nothing up top.

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Looks to me like right wingers understand that they are allowed to disagree with each other and the party. Left wingers do not seem to grasp the concept of not towing the line like you are in a cult playing as the cult party's plantation slave.

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As experiencing the humiliation of suffering the inevitable defeat in an argument with Ben Shapiro is akin to being run over by a Caterpillar D11 while out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll it is not surprising that people profess not to like him.

Or, as they say down in Bongo land;-

If you can't beat them, eat them.

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