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Did the Big Bang occur?

This debate if for the purpose of scientifically discussing whether cosmological evidence and theory support the idea that the Big Bang occurred, especially as some indictaors suggest that there are issues with the theory. Religious discussion is welcome here, but it is preferrable that scientific arguments are utilized to support the arguments herein.



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Current evidence such as the distribution of cosmic microwave background radiation suggests that the Big Bang may indeed have occurred.

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God snapped his fingers and voila! There was a Big Bang.

Science and Religion CAN work hand in hand, if one doesn't assume that their belief is the only one.

Creationism vs Evolution? Anyone who has ever done any work with clay knows that nothing looks exactly the way you want it when you first start out. You have too keep molding it, shaping it. It may look similar to what your final piece is to be, somewhere along the way, but that doesn't make it complete or finished.

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I answered, "No," because I was not there to have witnessed the creation of the world.

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