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Did the supertenent do the right thing?

You hired a painter to paint your house then he did so but the supertenant decided to repair some broken wall'n floor without your consent in order for your house to be safe, then he ask you to pay the unexpected bills but you refuse to pay the whole because you thought its out of contract, resulting of the unfair marketing you were sent to the court , the laywer agreed to the supertenent then plead you to pay the bill also.  Do you think what the supertent has done is moral? 


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Hello L,

Apparently, there is a contract regarding who can and who can't incur expenses. The details should be spelled out there.

Since the argument is civil, as opposed to criminal, and it’s being heard in a civil court, I don’t believe morality plays a part. Of course, we can’t look into their hearts. Maybe one of them did intentionally screw the other - or it’s simply an honest disagreement. We don’t know.


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