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Did the virus win?

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Globally covid-19 is being reasonably well contained but its major ally is the eye-watering stupidity of people who gather en-mass and infect each other.

Only Black Lives Matter riots along with the loony left anarchist's violent demonstrations account for the disease continuing to spread in the United States.

But hey, it's all President Trump's fault, right?

Other nations which have the disease more under control don't have the left-wing filth and Bongo riots to deal with to anywhere near the same extent as the United States.

If a vaccine for this Kung-flu is discovered, don't despair, China has announced that it has just spawned another potentially pandemic disease, namely Pig Flu with the ability to be transmitted to humans and then from humans to humans.

Another one of China's great exports to be added to the list.

Hong-Kong flu,




and now, Chinese Pig Flu.

Who says the Chinese have to copy the west's inventions and also adopt their manufacturing and marketing techniques but lack originality and innovation?

Here we have Chinese world beating creative ingenuity.

But hey, the left-wing filth know its all President Trump's doing.


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I think the question should have been worded "IS the Virus win-ning?"

The answer, In Trump's United States .... yes, the REST of the world .... not so much. It's a shame we don't have the leadership of much of the rest of the world!

Medical people by the thousands are saying we need a coordinated "federal response" to lick this thing. Trump is playing golf. :-(

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