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Did video games cause Sandy Hook Massacre?

Do you think that the Sandy Hook Massacre was caused by violent video games? Many experts were blaming video games on this massacre due to the fact that there were many found in the room of the assailant. What do you think? 


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I wonder how many of those games where in the victims rooms as well. This is like when they where like 80% of cancer patients in America chew gum. At the time over 90% of the country chewed gum so it was just retarded.That kid plays violent games because most popular games are violent and most kids (and male adults for that matter) play violent games.

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No, a mentally insane lunatic caused the massacre .

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No. But I'm sure they can. Or maybe they did but its highly unlikely. I just don't really see someone deciding to massacre people because of Call of Duty or Halo or any other shooter games.

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As with comparable events, the Sandy Hook massacre is a consequence of a confluence of various factors: an individual with severe mental instability and/or illness, a woefully inadequate system of mental health care, and a society that heavily stigmatizes mental illness thus discouraging those who need care from getting it.

While violent video games may have exacerbated an already unstable individual, they hardly caused the individual to experience their psychotic break. A simple reductionist argument such as this ignores the larger issues at hand. I include the gun argument in this category of overly simplistic arguments, because the mechanism used in the violence can hardly be considered the cause of the instability that led to the violence.

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no...the same people that caused 9-11 did.. . .. .. ..... ... . .. . . .. . .. . . . . . . ..

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