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 Did you see the Dorito commercial where the unborn Baby was trying to grab a Dorito? (8)

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Did you see the Dorito commercial where the unborn Baby was trying to grab a Dorito?

This commercial shows the fanaticism and utter fear from those supporting late term abortions. NARAL has come out and condemned the commercial for showing a late term baby moving inside the mother tryng to get it's hand on a Dorito chip held by the father.

Can you see the paranoia from those on the Left? They would censor a commercial depicting the unborn baby as being alive. They don't want you to see the Baby moving inside the mother. They would censor any commercial portraying a late term unborn baby as anything more than a bunch of tissue to be discarded. Commericals such as these can not be tolerated! 

This is why we never see videos of actual abortion procedures today. You would think with this issue being so divisive all these decades, they might want to educate the people to what actually happens during an abortion procedure. You would be worng. The abortion trade wants no videos educating people to abortion and what they are actually supporting with their vote.
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I know your true identity

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We call it an unborn BABY for a reason! Pro coice liberals just want to murder children because they have no moral compass. Makes me so angry. What if YOU were aborted, atheists?

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So you are now so desperate in your reactionary and rabid anti Pro Choice arguments that you are looking to freaking Doritos commercials for your science regarding the status and sentience (none, btw) of an unborn fetus?

I gotta call that Desperate with a capital D, amigo!


FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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LOL, read your post once again and then instead of using me to as your reactionary, try using NARAL as the reactionaries who started this insane paranoia over a commercial showing an unborn baby moving in the womb.

Have you ever heard of babies kicking their mothers in the womb? Gee, we should censor any mention of that. That runs contrary to the Left's propaganda of blobs of tissues not being able to kick.

Why do you keep pretending to be so intelligent? You can't even grasp the reactionaryies here. let me guess, you have been a part of an abortion decision, maybe?

Could it be guilt that spurs your attacks on me when I bring up abortion?

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
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Abortion is murder. If you had been murdered at any point from the time you were conceived to the time you emerged from your mother (or even if you were a test tube baby grown in a lab), you would have been a murder statistic and you would not be here saying unborn children have no status or sentience.

And I don't know how the dictionary defines "fetus" now, but when I looked it up around ten years ago, it was defined as "an unborn child".

Here's the etymology dictionary definition: late 14c., "the young while in the womb or egg" (tending to mean vaguely the embryo in the later stage of development), from Latin fetus (often, incorrectly, foetus) "the bearing or hatching of young, a bringing forth," from Latin base *fe- "to generate, bear," also "to suck, suckle" (see fecund).

In Latin, fetus sometimes was transferred figuratively to the newborn creature itself, or used in a sense of "offspring, brood" (as in Horace's "Germania quos horrida parturit Fetus"), but this was not the basic meaning. It also was used of plants, in the sense of "fruit, produce, shoot," and figuratively as "growth, production." The spelling foetus is sometimes attempted as a learned Latinism, but it is not historic.

People today like to use the word "fetus" to mean lump of tissue like a cancer, which the mother may decide to allow to become a baby. The fetus is a new life, a new person, when you were a fetus that fetus was you, if you had been aborted we would not have the pleasure of your company because you would have been murdered.

There are two wonderful women at my church, both of them have five or six babies, hard to keep track as some are adults and gone out in the world....

One of the women had an abortion when she was a wild party girl and not ready to be a mother. It took decades of emotional turmoil and then serious poltergeist problems in her house and with all of her kids before she was forced to face the facts and deal with the reality of the consequences of what she had done when she let her first baby be murdered by abortion.

The other of the two was raped when working at a convenience store, forced into a cooler in midnight hours and raped. She too was on the wild side at that time, partying a lot with the man who later became her husband, and together they decided they were not ready to be parents and gave the child up for adoption. They now have five children, three under eighteen and at home with them.

There's no excuse for abortion, it's murder. Women who don't like the truth, and men who don't want the responsibility for being fathers.....well, God is keeping accounts, and the blood of those aborted babies matters while God keeps those children as His own forever in Heaven.

I'll try not to get into this topic again. The truth is so obvious, if people won't hear it there's a more important issue at the root......and that is rebellion against God. I don't think anybody is converted by arguing about abortion.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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Maybe you missed the entire point of the debate(gee what a shock). The point was not about the obvious human life, it was about NARAL and the Left's fear of anyone seeing the obvious viable babies being aborted. They want the low end followers to believe it is just a blob of tissue and make sure that everyone calls the unborn baby by it's medical name (fetus) so as to dehumanize it.

We have nine no restriction abortion states supported by Democrats, and you waste our time talking about non sentient life?

So tell me in all you narcissistic intelligence, is that baby any less human a few months, a few weeks or a few days from birth? Doctors say the baby is viable at approx. 22 or 23 weeks. This is why the GOP keeps trying to get a compromise from Democrats to limit abortions past 20 weeks. Democrats refuse!

You keep spewing the lie that babies a few weeks from birth are not viable human lives. THAT MAKES YOU A WASTE OF TIME TO DEBATE!

Amarel(5284) Clarified
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What are the no restriction states? Does no restriction mean abortions are legal up to the point of labor?

Atrag(5553) Disputed
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Are you fucking retarded, maricon?

Comparing me to a freaking born again Libtard Christian?


I had you all wrong, used to think you were one of the more intuitive cats around here. Well well, I reckon even the geniuses like me are wrong once in awhile.

Why I or anybody would want to pretend to be a psychotic born again is beyond me. I mean, hell, if you're gonna fake if why not be a playboy millionaire or pro athlete or a Novel Prize winner? LOL...

But a forlorn again Christian?


Vaya con dios, cabron!

I bet you don't even speak Spanish, do you? We could chat sometime in it if you want. You say you live in Spain? Funny, to me you have a distinctly stick up your culo Brit air about you!


Bugger off now, mate!

It bothers you that I bother someone that is supposedly not your alt? Funny. And yes I speak Spanish, unlike you haha.

SlapShot(2608) Disputed
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A little slow on the uptake, are we?

No sabe?

What bothers me is being called a liar since I have only this account. A fact which I have made clear before. I have made enemies here but a bit reason for that is that I tell it like it is. I don't lie. So when somebody says I do I take it personal. Never a good thing.

For all involved!