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Dinos died out due to aids????

HEY guys, crack this one!!!


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i totally rule out such possibilities, asshole!

YOU can't keep your imaginations go on for our ancestors of the earth( Though that doesn't make me their descendant!)

you see i think virus like that of aids didn't exist in that time of jurassic and cretacious periods!

even so, if they did, what made them stop for a gap of 645 million years before making a comeback?

There is no record in scientific history of aids till humans got it!

Its like this: you re just nuts!!!

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Wow,dinosaurs died out due to AIDS? That's a funny proposal. Of course they didn't die from AIDS,HIV was made in a laboratory. People try to say it's a "gay disease" but if that's the case,then why weren't gay people dying from it 60 years ago?

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Billie(790) Disputed
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They were dying of it 60 years ago... Look it up! Just for the record, there is no chance dinos died of aids!

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paradox(208) Disputed
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alstars, i think you are making your pumpy brain a kind of jerky task. you made a mistake coming in my debate,

but any way,

a descendent of dinos, you are, as it seems that you are suggesting you came down from a dino!

what's your grandmas's name, Dinodon!!!

a virus has an immense capacity to mutate and it is a great explation as to why these viruses dissapperard after their major attak on Dinos

and if you take about scientific records, i think there is much moire for us to know bfore our so called record is completed to perfectioN.

you see, dinos were densly populated in their age, suggesting the virus to mutate and get theirr sexual organs, since a dino can have that fun more than once and with more than one dino.

after they got their target, i think they found no other sexually reproducing organ that could be densily populated, so they mutatued to other forms.

Next, they took on humans once they realized the growing population og the humans.

but humans were clever enough to invent contracepptive methids, but dinos couldn't

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