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Disrespectful/ Insulting towards Muslims?

I watched it and thought it wasnt. but some of my friends watched it and thought it was very disrespctful. whats do you think?


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I don't think its disrespectful but if even one person does than it is. At least in their eyes.

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I couldn't care less really. I hate all religions equally; however I have nothing against those people part of them because of it.

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The person who made the video is Muslim...

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How can it be insulting/disrespectful to a faith that really doesn't exist? Humanity made religion because of a fact that we needed something that would provide a guide to morality, and many other things for different groups of people.

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WizardDevil(22) Disputed
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I'm unsure of what you're saying, but from the way I'm understanding it, by your logic, science doesn't exist, logic doesn't exist, philosophy doesn't exist, and debating doesn't exist. So why are you here?

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