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Diversity divides more than it unites


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That would explain why libs never want to include the diversity of Conservatives.

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The Democrat Party is now more diverse & more divided than ever.

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The Democrat Party and Progressive's have pushed this political correct buzzword of "diversity", and used it to divide American's into voting blocks.

The Left is all about divisive rhetoric, fanning the flames of racism, sexism, and every other "ism" out there.

The laughable hypocrisy of the Left is shown every time they have the nerve to speak about diversity. They are the antipathy of diversity. If you are not one of their Political correct special interest groups, you are treated like a deplorable irredeemable person.

If you are a viable Special Need's unborn baby, your diversity is something to be eradicated.

If you are any viable unborn baby, your life has no value to the Left.

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Sure it does. Just look at some of the comments on here, they all pointed fingers at others who don't believe in the same thing they do as the cause of it, without taking ownership of their own flaws. It's human nature to be drawn to characteristics, ideas and beliefs that mirror your own, unfortunately it's also human nature to believe those very attributes are superior. Sadly, I doubt our egos will allow unity with diversity in this stage of our evolution.

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