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Yes, they are slaves. No, it is normal.
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Do Afghan women have humiliating position? Is it normal, that wife must obey her husband?

Woman in Islam
According to sharia law, wife must to do all orders of her husband, she cannot withdraw from sex, also she cannot go to anywhere without husband or just leave house.
BUT, there 2(or may be 3) different points of view: 

1) American broadcasters told that wife has humiliating position and she is always under oppression and pressure. Husbands beat their wifes and responsibilities is only to take care of her food, clothe and vital needs. From the other hand, wife cannot cancel from sex, she cannot go without husband and leave house when husband is not at home.

2) Afghan Imams told that it is not violation of women's rights and according to Quoran and Sharia Law, women cannot have equal rights with men. They said that only obedient wife can go to heaven.
    Other some people said that it is the culture of Afghan people, and that it is normal action, when husband beat her wife.

Yes, they are slaves.

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No, it is normal.

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It's normal over there .

Side: No, it is normal.
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Why is it normal? Explain your mind fully and describe it.

Side: Yes, they are slaves.
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The definition of normal (angles notwithstanding) is essentially conforming to an established standard or pattern.

As such, it's normal in that society because that is the standard in that society.

Normal is not necessarily right; not too long ago (historically speaking), owning slaves was normal in much of the developed world.

Side: Yes, they are slaves.