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Do Americans understand the difference between "Socialism" and "Capitalism"

I think this link sort of highlights why Americans need to read a little bit up on what are the theoretical, and practical(historical) differences between socialism and capitalism.

And maybe realize that both are really not solid systems of government, but caimpaign retoric clothed as serious science.


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To an extent - but I believe that their knowledge of socialism is tainted by years of American 'anti-red' propaganda.

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To an extent - but I believe that their knowledge of socialism is tainted by years of American 'anti-red' propaganda.

Not to mention a cold war, and two periods of "red scare" and also McCarthyism. Plus Americans seem to hate reading, and get most of their "facts" from television which as we all know is more about ratings than truth.

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They would have to know what socialism was to understand the differences between it and anything else. And the health care debate makes it clear that large swaths of the American public have no clue what socialism is.

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No, some think socialism is a political ideology where in reality, it is economic system. Communism is a political and economic ideology.

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A "system" is something that more or less works. I dont think Communism or capitalism really qualify as a system.

I think in the shortest way possible the difference between these "systems" is that one is based on non-local (non-centralized) decission making, where people are supposed to be free to take iniciative themselves - while the other is based on centralized higerarcical decission making.

In practice "systems" described as either have always been a blend of these two qualities: local and non-local decission making

There has never been a clear cut capitalist "system" - and that goes for a communist "system" as well.

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I don't dispute that there is no such thing as a pure capitalism system or communist system.

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