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Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?


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I answered "Help" because some do help. It counts on each individual application. It is good to research an application and find out all the pros and cons before purchasing one so you don't get burned.

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Some apps are time wasters, but I downloaded some apps that help with school. Geomasters helps you learn where all the countries/states are, and there are sodoku apps, spelling apps…needless to say, I think some apps are helpful!

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certainly it helped me a lot I tested several applications before but it is not working this application it is easy to use for a beginner like me.

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Your opinion is very good, I find it very interesting, thank you for sharing with us subway surfers

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It depends on person because many people use only necessary apps.

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Yeah it helps you pass the time but I hate those GAMES on there that cost money just to waste time when I could be doing something productive. But if you're talking about informational apps, those are not a waste

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Yeah it helps you pass the time but I hate those GAMES on there that cost money just to waste time

And they always advertise themselves as "free", but as soon as you start playing you get hit with adverts for in-game purchases.

The main problem with our culture is that new innovative technology is being used for the exact same old bullshit.

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Some do help you and some don't but most apps area just wasting your time

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Depends on the App but I'd say about 90% are just time wasters for anyone who isn't in the business industry.

If you work directly in business management and organisation then I reckon it's about 60% are a waste.

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