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Do Christian have perfect lives?


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God says only Jesus was a perfect man, so no one has perfect lives. Just remember, it matters not what people think of you. Non believers will hate you for his sake no matter what you are like.

I'm sure God is happy with you for your witness on this site. Don't forget to come back and help the greatest President of our lifetime get elected once more.

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Thanks honey. I am taking a break from hardcore politics. I find politics to be more contentious than religion. It really should not be that way.

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I have rapid cycling bipolsr disorder, and have many times questioned whether God loves me or not. I am really sorry if I gave the false impression that i think I'm better than you wonderful people. I even love Nom, because he or she needs to be loved, and Jesus said so. I want to thank the people who were kind to me when I don't deserve it. I'm going to take a break from polotics, and focus on other things. Take care.

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I have rapid cycling bipolsr disorder, and have many times questioned whether God loves me or not.

That's interesting. You frequently question whether your invisible friend loves you, but not whether he actually exists in the first place. There's a psychiatry textbook just waiting to be written there.

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If you take down your death threats, you are welcome on my debates. I am sorry for being mean. THAT I give you freely. I am also praying for you. Joyful people don't do bad things, for there is no reason. Miserable people do bad things. You and I have both been nasty lately, but I am willing to repent. Now, let's unpack your claims. Faith is not a mental disorder, everyone has faith in something, whether it is car keys, or Jesus. I am just trying to make a point. I see no problem with being faithful to someone you love, whether it is Jesus, or someone else. Has anyone ever been faithful to you? I hope so. I don't wish pain on anyone, not even you.

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