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Of course they do. No, absolutely not.
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Do Christians really understand their religion?

It often astounds me how ignorant Christians are of their religion.  I've read the bible cover-to-cover...twice...the new testament several times more, studied and studied commentaries...studied other religions...even read about the people and time, to get things in as good a context as possible.

What's more, in every test I've ever seen, atheists score higher on biblical knowledge than Christians.

Seriously, Christians, do you ever read that book, or do you really worship ignorance?

Of course they do.

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No, absolutely not.

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Yes, the ones that take the time out of their day to study it. Many people claim to be Christians, but the important thing is living it out just as Jesus Christ wants us to.

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Do all of them? No. Do most of them? I don't know, maybe not. Are there Christians that really understand their religion? Of course there are.

Maybe you are being haughty. If you think you understand the faith so well, why don't you explain it to us all then? Are you willing to accept rebuke? Are you scared of being exposed as superstitious? Can you swallow your pride?

Go on, demonstrate your understanding of MY religion, and I will tell you how I understand my religion.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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There certainly are some that have a good grasp of it. I've known quite a few, and studied the bible with some.

I'd say they're the exception rather than the rule. Most would deny that it supports slavery - it absolutely does. Most don't realize that women are absolutely to be silent in church, and only ask questions regarding faith of their husbands. Most think that god is all-loving, when he shows stunning hatred in that very book. Most never realize that the bible is a restatement of older stories, made monotheistic as opposed to polytheistic.

I could go on, but I think you'll get it.

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TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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Yeah, you must think I've never heard any of this stuff before.

I still think you are missing the point. You might even be one to scoff and mock when someone says "That is out of context!".

Yet, it is the truth. You don't understand the point of the bible.

You claim to understand scripture, but I don't believe you. I've seen plenty of people make the same claim. It is self witness. Understanding the bible doesn't make you reject it.

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You and I agree, EldonG, on religion, everything but the "worshipping ignorance". I worked with a very nice man who brought his Bible to work every day. Every lunch break he'd sit down and read it while eating. He was no dummy, he was a perfectionist at his craft. He had a small house trailer in his back yard where he taught a Bible class and Sunday School. He HAD to know the Book through and through and nobody lived a cleaner life. He was dead at 42. His religion did him no good, or his wife or 3 kids ... except for their comfort in their belief.

There's THAT type of Christian and then there's the type that will vote for Roy Moore .. more of them than my friends type. The ones like the Deacon that tried to hit on my mother several times. She told him he AND HIS WIFE were welcome at her house anytime! That was in NC, the Bible Belt. HE may have known his Bible but is an example of one of the "worshipping ignorant". I'll stay away from those from any religion AND their religion, but, if they want to believe, good luck, My good friend had little.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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Ok, essentially you agree with me, then. The last question was posed as an it this bad? Yes? That bad? Yes? Well, what about...worshiping ignorance?

I don't think they do. Some seem to approach that, though.

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The vast majority of Christians understand that it’s about being a good person and sharing love and tolerance. A subset of idiots think it’s about fear, hate, punishment, and embracing a select set of scriptures which they use to claim the vast majority of Christians aren’t Christians.

But most have it right.

Of course, you’d have a hard time witnessing that in the behaviors on this website.

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The hypocrite bigot who only ridicues Christians while giving Islam a pass.

Hmmmm, lets see, do so called moderate Muslims really understand the Quran where it say to kill the non believers for simply not believing?

Don't these moderates understand that the terrorists are the ones following the teaching of the Quran?

You never create any debates speaking out against the Muslims or the Quran. WHY?

Now insert the laughable lie that you ridicule Muslims as well. Show us your past debate titles speaking against Muslims.

Why does the Left refuse to speak out against the inhumanity taught in the Quran.

I'm a Chritian. I understand the Bible. I'm not a bigot trying to ridicule Christianity for dsyfunction created in his childhood.

Most of the bigots on this site were Christians when they were young, and rebeled for whatever reason. Now they spend their lives hating Christians.

What I know about bigots is..... they almost always use verses from Old Testament Jewish laws, describing the brutality of warring tribes, etc.

They cherry pick these verses, take them out of context, to paint Christianity as being evil.

Funny how we seldom see any New Testament Christian verses speakng to their lies and distortions.

That's because Christianity speaks to love, foregiveness, loving even our enemies, turning the other cheek, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, living moral responsible lives putting other's happiness before our own, etc. etc.

It sounds like this bigot does not understand what he speaks to, and has ulterior motives. What a shock....not!

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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I give Islam a free pass? Do I really?

I speak out against all religions...but this one thing, I've found to be true of Christians, specifically. Most Muslims really do know the quran.

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These bigots will aways try to paint Chritians as supporting slavery. The New Testament has one verse speaking to slavery in the same manner as we would speak about an employee. The terminology used of savery in the New testament sounds much like employess working for others.

Other verses bigots use in the New testament concerning Husbands being the Head of the House. They always leave out the parts about how Husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the Church.

In the animal kingdom, there are always heads of the species. The last i knew, the Left says we are all animals. Why is it they can't understand simple nature? The man is the physically stronger provider for the family, and of course it would make sense he would be the head of the house. NOT IN A DICTATORSHIP TYPE ROLE, but as a loving leader of their family.

I realize feminists and those on the Left hate the notion of a husband being the head of their family. GET OVER IT and leave Christians to their common sense faith. No one is forcing you to be Christians.

Then bigots use verses taken out of context about women being silent in Church. There was a reason why those words were spoken. It involved things that were going on in particular church meetings at that time.

This is all the MO for bigots. Bigots will always find words or verses in anythng they hate, cherry pick them, take them out of context. This is how they operate.

Every bigot sense time began uses this strategy of demonizig those groups they hate.

Ignore, I'm sick of wasting time speaking to the rantings of bigoted fools. There is nothing any Christian could ever say to break through their childhood dsyfunctions. Only God coud do that, and these people have denounced him.

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EldonG(550) Disputed
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So you're one of the ignorant ones? No problem, I expected that.

"21 “Now these are the rules that you shall set before them. 2 When you buy a Hebrew slave,[a] he shall serve six years, and in the seventh he shall go out free, for nothing. 3 If he comes in single, he shall go out single; if he comes in married, then his wife shall go out with him. 4 If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the wife and her children shall be her master's, and he shall go out alone. 5 But if the slave plainly says, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free,’ 6 then his master shall bring him to God, and he shall bring him to the door or the doorpost. And his master shall bore his ear through with an awl, and he shall be his slave forever."

Exodus 21, English standard. Specifically how to make a Hebrew man a slave forever.

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FromWithin(8265) Disputed
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Hello E:

Sure they do... They've got a "get out of jail FREE" card that they can cash in every Sunday.. All they gotta do is ASK for forgiveness for being an asshole, and then they can CONTINUE being an asshole till next Sunday when they ask again...

Pretty nifty, isn't it??


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I don't think they really understand their religion but I do think they are entitled to it anyway.

Face the facts, Christianity is a very dominant religion and it's not dying any time soon. I don't see a reason to hate all of them, why not work with them?

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EldonG(550) Clarified
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I don't hate them - some of my best friends are nominally (or more) christian. I do think the religion is harmful...I think any religion is...but people are entitled to whatever their beliefs are. I prefer freedom of religion over any limiting system.

I would think they might should examine their beliefs, however. Self-introspection is good for the psyche. Even Jesus recommends it.

Edit: Clarifying is not a refutation, in any sane world. WTF?

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The reason why Clarify automatically goes to the other side is it's typically questions poking holes in the other's post.

Note: The clarification doesn't count to the 'count' of the side.

If you support religious freedom, how can you then say that all religion is harmful?

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