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Yes they do

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Of course they dont.

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Political alliances have absolutely no baring on opposition to a nation's army. Do not confuse lack of support for a war with lack of support for the troops currently engaged in that war.

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Of course they do support the troops. Supporting a war and supporting troops are truly apples and oranges. BUT, supporting any soldier when he/she does things that are against the rules of combat is an asinine way of thinking and believing. The YOU TUBE video is atrocious in its spin of snippets.

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The warped way these politicians say they support our troops lead me to believe otherwise, but only for these individuals. I believe most people, including democrats, really do support our troops. You shouldn't make a hasty generalization by assuming all or even most democrats do not support our troops just from the politicians in this video. And I'm conservative, for the record.

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well, i would have said yes, but just to be a dick, i'll post here.

also, it's blank. so you can all read my post.

Liberals support our troops in a warped sense. they have the best intentions and they don't want them to be harmed.

but, they are against what the troops are doing (usually). it's a voluntary military so these people want to fight. the Democrats are against that want. Basically, they believe that troops don't know any better, but they still "support" them. Like "I support you, i'm just against what you're doing".

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down vote with no rebuttal?

obviously they knew i was right, but was too scared to confront me.

fuckin' pussies.

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Plus our troops dont volunteer to fight. They volunteer to serve and protect our countrys. Did you ever hear of this quote ''Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.'' -JFK. Sadly, many people have it the other way around, they go around knocking our military then expect the government to support them on wellfare.

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