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No, I use paper. Yes, I trust the machines.
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Do/Did/Will you use an electronic voting machine?

Hackable computer vs bribable human

Prodded by the federal legislation enacted to prevent the 2000 presidential election debacle from happening again, jurisdictions across the country have been moving away from paper-based and mechanical methods of voting towards the use of so-called direct recording electronic (DRE) devices, computerized voting machines that work much like bank automated teller machines.

But in the process of trying to solve problems associated with the old systems hanging chads and the like a whole new set of concerns have arisen. What began as a campaign a couple of years ago by a small group of computer scientists who believe that DRE systems are vulnerable to hacking and malfunction has become a national controversy.

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No, I use paper.

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Yes, I trust the machines.

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We use paper ballots here in Danbury, CT and I hate em. In New York we always had the old lever machines and I wasn't a fan of those either. I'm like the princess and the pea...ya just can't satisfy me cause there's a little lump in my mattress caused by the different types of balloting. No...personally I don't care what is used as long as it's easy to understand and if you color outside the lines, the ballot won't go to the dead end ballot box in Hell.

Side: No, I use paper.
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Nevada has machines that print out a paper reciept. You don't get to keep the paper portion, but you see it actually printed out, and stored in the machine. It also allows you to go back and forth. Like if you're an 80 year old Floridian, and for some reason can't see words printed in like 30pt font, you can go back and check again before casting the ballot. Also they have a bunch of people roaming around and helping anyone who's still confused, but it's pretty much the simplest and safest system I've ever seen.

Now the big white Metro officers, chewing tobacco, twirling their clubs, and calling black people "boy" may have scared away a few Obama voters. (just kidding, those guys had been kicked out already anyway by the time I got to the booth.)

Side: Yes, I trust the machines.

At our voting booths there is a button you push for each candidate and if you have issues they're is someone outside who will help you. It would be difficult to mess up.

Side: Yes, I trust the machines.

I used them today, and it was a nice system. It seemed safe enough with all of the people who were involved in giving me my card, taking me to the booth, putting the signed paper slip in the bin for me, and taking the card back from me when I was done.

Of course, I am not an evil genius, therefore I don't know where to start manipulating the system! ;)

Side: Yes, I trust the machines.