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Do First Impressions Really Matter?


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yes but dont change yourself just be yourself allright? if people like you for you then thats good and if they dont oh well

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The question should not be whether 'First Impressions Matter or not' , but should be 'Do First Impressions Matter eventhough we are honest?'

I think your argument is as much about the issue of 'change' and 'honesty'.

Change is fundamental and constant. So we should always be with the 'change.'

When people say that 'We should be ourselves' , they are saying it incompletely.

'People should be themselves, but only if they are humble and truthful.'

I mean, You cannot say that 'I'm a monster so Let me be myself, and accept that I'm a monster.'

Being yourself should be non-violent and honest. When it is non-violent and honest then it is okay to Be yourself.

So considering the case I mentioned above, First Impressions Really Matters.

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You want to look your best at everything you do.

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At an interview, it is all that matters. If a person is well-dressed, he or she will always make a good first impression.

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Not as much as people make it seem.. .

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No it doesn't. People CHANGE. Change is the only thing that is permanent in the world. When you see someone ugly, you usually say that you don't like this person, but then, when you get to know them, they are nice people too. Maybe it does matter in some sense, but we should still not judge people on what we knew when we first met them.

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