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 Do Inmates Run The Asylum? (4)

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Do Inmates Run The Asylum?

Who is in charge?  Crazies who believe they have the right to exist outside of Hell, or God?  Does God rule, or do foul mouth haters rule?  
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Yes, the inmates run the Asylum for a time.

The days when we make it legal to kill viable babies for any reason, will come to an end.

The days when we care more for the safety of illegal immigrants breaking into our nation, then we do the safety of Americans from illegal criminals, will come to an end.

The days of allowing paintings of a Conservative President's severed head to be displayed on the walls of our public funded Colleges, but censoring a community's freedom to choose to display a simple nativity scene on public land, will come to an end.

The days of lifting up hate filled religions, while constantly demonizing Christians who spend their lives helping the needy and helpless, will come to an end.

The days when unnatural sexual orientations are lifted up as natural and normal to our children, will come to an end.

The days when our daughters in Public schools are no longer allowed the simple privacy from boys in their bathrooms, will come to an end.

The days when pedophiles have Leftwing Liberals fighting for their rights, rather than caring more for the right's of our children's safety, will come to an end.

The days when Leftwing loonies care more about cruelty to animals then they do our abandoned children, will come to an end. We all see the commercials shaming cruelty to unwanted animals, but where are the commercials to shame dead beat parents who walk out on their children?

Yes, the time whereby irresponsibility is rewarded while hard work and success is punished, will come to an end.

Yes, the inmates will run the show for a time, but those days are numbered.

God (the warden of all mankind) will once and for all weed out the selfish evils of the world, finally bringing safety and peace to even the least among us for all of eternity.

JatinNagpal(2678) Disputed Banned
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You're mixing up your accounts, stain. That account was just supposed to be a political lunatic, rather than a religious one too.


NowASaint(1378) Clarified
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NowASaint(1378) Clarified
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I want you to leave me alone, after the threats you made against me and others I decided it's best that I not read your posts and say nothing to you other than I want nothing to do with you and I want you to leave me alone

Inmates think they run the asylum, but at the end of the day, they are still in the Warden's castle.

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I couldn't compete with you in the hate department, wouldn't even want to. But, you are right. At the moment the foul mouthed haters are ruling THIS country at least, from Washington. Most SHOULD be in an asylum.

NowASaint(1378) Clarified
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You're pretending that you are in charge and only fooling yourself.........maybe fooling others who are like you fooling themselves so you can all hold hands as you march into Hell.........that's what you are doing, fool. You won't get saved, will you? I think you made it pretty clear that you won't and there is no point in reading your replies here and I think you have said enough. Enjoy while you can since things are not going to get better for you.