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Do Video Games Effect The Decisions Of Kids?

People have been blaming a lot of things kids do on video games. I find it ridiculous, what do you think?


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No, video games are just to relax our mind. But we need to control ourselves before getting addicted...

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Actually, not only relax

I play video games for 요가(stretching thing)

and also stress gets away~

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i agree i've been playing video games all my life and i'm still a smart student good athlete and all aroung great guy. i'm sick of people using video game as an excuse to why children have bad behaviors

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Video games are just a fantasy and are not going to have an effect on their decisions.

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Many video games help improve reason and strategy in young minds by providing kids an entertaining and educating platform. Some video games may even help kids comprehend darker complex social structures, such as radicalism, tyrrany, and racism. I would be surprised if this knowledge didn't affect their actions.

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