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 Do You Feel Better when Someone Else Has It Worse than You? (4)

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Do You Feel Better when Someone Else Has It Worse than You?

I know this is a little mean or shallow but I think it's quite natural and instinctive.
Whenever you are going through some hard times, does it help you when you hear about someone
else who has it even worse than you?  It does to me.  I don't mean to be mean, but when I go
through hard times, I like to look for other people's stories who are going through something worse.
It always seems to make me feel a little better and gives me some perspective that maybe my 
situation isn't so bad after all compared to what's out there.
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its human quite nature.. when we are in some bad conditions, we see others who are worst condition and thinking that at least we are better than them AND this thinks give us a ray of hope.

so it is noting wrong in this, until unless you are not hurting other to fell better.

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When I feel like shit, and I see other people who feel like shit, all it does is confirm that the world is shit, which makes me feel even more shitty you piece of shit.

logicaljoe(529) Disputed
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Odd. Why wouldn't it make you feel a little better knowing that you weren't the only one? If you view life as shit, that is only a reflection on yourself. You see what you are.

PeterJoseph(77) Disputed
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Life is neither inherently good or inherently shit. If you view life as either that is only a reflection of subjectivity.