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Do You Guys Think That this website has more religious debates then any random one's?

Latly I've seen so much of religious debates or someone goes and speaks what they believe in.

Can there not be any religious talks in normals debates about random things. And if they want to make a debate about that go ahead and debate there not on the debate that does not have any religion. The point of a debate is to talk about topic and which side you believe in.

So what do you think?


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Okay, I have NO idea what you said in the description, so I'm going to just answer the title and ignore that part.

Yes, I do believe there are more religious debates than any other, and why not? Religion is something personal for everyone, even if you choose no religion it's still a personal choice, and so it's something everyone can somewhat passionately debate about.

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KillerBee(480) Clarified
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I'm saying dont you see it to often, where did all the those debates about random things go you don't know i dont know. BUT I AM going to bring it back.

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Saurbaby(5579) Disputed
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What are you talking about...

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and then in answer to your description

We could do but then we might deviate on to, a lack of coherance in debates descriptions, or the inability to determine exactly what the topic is we are been asked to debate.

Supporting Evidence: For example (
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No joe Hellno and you put in plenty of random ones


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KillerBee(480) Disputed
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what please restate what you said i had no clue what you said???

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Hellno(17759) Disputed
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English isn't your first language... right? Please tell it isn't....

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Thank you for noticing. ;)

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