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Do You Have Any Bad Habits?


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Spending too much time on CreateDebate.

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Warjin(1577) Disputed
1 point

That's not a bad habit, "It's a Life style" man get it straight.

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Bad habits? Is like like some kinky S&M;nun role playing thing... sounds interesting.

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You freak. ;)

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I have a bad habit, when I have too much to do, I tend to forget everything and do nothing.

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Yes I smoke and drink, not much but I do, Oh and I'm addicted to Internet porn lol

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I sit in my cube, pick my nose and flick them over the wall at people who walk by. The always look up as though it's raining buggers. I once got this guy in the mouth because he was talking and disturbing my peace and quiet. Are you guys getting the impression that I don't like people ;)

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It's a little inhuman to not have bad habits. That being said, I'll probably call BS on you unless you're a Buddhist monk. And if you're a Buddhist monk, you're probably not viewing createdebate.

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I rock myself to sleep. xD

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