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Do You Sleep Nude


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All the time. It is good for the body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sometimes. Rarely, though.

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YES. Unless i'm sleeping at friends' houses or whatever. It's just so much more comfortable. I don't see why anyone -should- have a problem with doing it really, it's not causing anyone any harm and it's more natural for humans not to wear clothes anyway.

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I sleep nude because it is very comfortable and healthy. I enjoy the feeling of my nude body rubbing against the sheets of my bed. When it is cold out I some time put on boxers.

It is healthy for men because the average man produces sperm 6 times a night ad it is not healthy for the sperm to be sitting in your boxers/P.J.'s.

It is healthy for women because it is good for their breasts to be free from the bra or tight P.J.'s. Most of the time their breasts are always squished.

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It's good for the body and relaxing. Just be sure to change the sheets every few days.

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I wear my winter coat with a hat, gloves, snow pants and heavy duty boots. Sometimes I get warm when I wear my scarf.

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I am quite proud of my designer pyjamas. Englishmen must wear pyjamas.

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I always wear pajamas. I do not want to be cold so pajamas are a necessity for me when I go to sleep.

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nope not once............................................

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