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Do adopted children have the right to know who their biological parents are?

Yeah they should!

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Does it matter?

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At a certain age they should know who their original parents are. Of course it should be optional whether or not they ever meet.

It shouldn't happen at to young of an age as it will mess with the child's development. It also shouldn't be revealed to late in life either.

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Yes, but only if they choose because some biological parents may have abandoned the child; otherwise, of course, they have the right.

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yes, they do. My mom is adopted and she found her biological mother. But her mother refused to meet her or give valid information about the family or any family history/ medical information. which is cruitial, considering she was also in a motorcyle accident and the hospital had to be cautious with what they gave her.

all in all it is just a pain the the butt and not fair to the child.

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I think they should know, but it really depends on the adopter choosing exactly the right moment to tell their child that he/she is adopted. Too early, they'll feel lost, left in the dark. Too late, and they won't believe that they spent the first few decades of their life loving and living with someone who isn't actually a parent at all. I also think that the adopting and biological parents should keep in contact, that way the adopted child can meet the real parents if he/she wants to.

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Adopted children should be told whom their adopted parents are.

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