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 Do atheist ever quit patting themselves on the back? (10)

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Do atheist ever quit patting themselves on the back?

That arm has to get tired.

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Is it kind of wrong to judge all people based on their religion? Not all Atheists are the same, just as not all Christians, or any other religion, are the same.

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In general, no. While not all atheists are the same, sadly; the noisiest ones are the ones whose "intellectualism" stops right after, "I don't believe in God."

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Nope. Never. My arm will never get tired, I've done wayyyyyy too many push-ups for that to happen, and my arms are flexible enough for me to wash my back in the shower.

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In short, no .

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Yes, the moment they step up towards the pearly gates and meet St. peter ;)

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What was that? Drive-by down voting? Who else is on here at this time of night? There, point restored ;)

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