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Do conservatives, hate the poor?

FromWithin once said poor people are burdens.


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to Hate poor not depend on conservatives, it depend on the thinking and habit of the people. , at last, i says one thinks that it is not true that you hate a poor, it's not upon him he birth in a poor family.

Supporting Evidence: prt food (
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Libs claim Conservatives are the poor and uneducated. Looks like the left hates the poor.

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I am a progressive, and i think you are rich and privileged, not poor. We can debate educated later. You hate the poor, because like other conservatives, you value money over over people. You demand all the healthcare in the world for a fetus, but once it's born, you oppose it's healthcare rights.

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Chinaman(2982) Clarified Banned
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One minute you are a Republican , next minute you are a Democrat , next minute you are a Progressive but you claim to be a Socialist Democrat. Can you get yourself dressed in the morning.

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Libs claim Conservatives are the poor

They claim the opposite of that. Shut your lying mouth please. You probably haven't noticed but you're an idiot.

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