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Do footballers get payed an awful lot of money for doing nothing absolutely mind-blowing?

I enjoy football.

I love Barcelona.

However, I just think that footballers get paid a lot of money, for doing something that almost anyone can do. Not at their level of course, but it's still a ridiculous amount of money. In pounds no less.

Imagine what that money could be really used for. 


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Second and third string players still get millions for doing pretty much nothing most of the time.

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But the public is at fault. They pay the outrageous prices for the tickets.

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At a prima facie look, sure. To hear Cristiano Ronaldo complain that £7 million a year is not enough for him makes me chuckle and sigh at the same time. Considering the amount that police officers, doctors, etc earn, footballers appear to make massive money for menial tasks.

But if you examine it in further detail, you'll find that they really don't earn that much. As a proportion of the club's income, player wages are nothing more than average. Take Manchester United as an example.

Wayne Rooney earns approx £150,000 a week. That sounds astronomical, but consider this. Old Trafford holds approx 75,000 people. Ticket prices vary, but say they're all £10. Straight away, that's 5 weeks pay for Wayne Rooney in one game. If you then add up all the money the club makes through sponsors, merchandise, etc, then Wayne Rooney can have his entire career paid by the club in under a month.

Seeing as a proportion is the only way to accurately represent all jobs, footballer's pay is nothing special.

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BookBird101(575) Clarified
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I suppose. However it still seems like a large sum for me, because the difference between pounds and shillings (the currency where I live) is enormous. Even 10 pounds is a lot, for me.

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I don't think most employees salaries are decided by the overall profit of a company. My roommate works for Apple, for example, and if Apples high profit margin means he should be getting paid a representative cut, he'd be a millionaire. But no, he gets paid alright, but he's not a millionaire. So I don't think we can look at how much money the football league is making and say that indicates anything about how much the players should be making.

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ChuckHades(3197) Disputed
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No, and you would be right in the case of Apple. But I was really referring to companies/organisations that offer tertiary jobs, rather than primary or secondary (basically manufacturing).

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If it were so easy teams wouldn't be paying so much for such high class players. Obviously theres something special about what those athletes can do otherwise nobody would be paying money to watch them play.. yes everyone can kick a ball but everyone can also put a bandaid on and do addition and subtraction yet doctors and physicist make money for it.

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Bread and circuses here. Football supplies heroes entertainment and hobbies, an ongoing getaway from peoples mundane lives. It also forms a common bond between watchers, we all know that guy that has sub par conversation until football comes up. Its worth noting that I don't watch football.

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Nowadays, football(soccer) is one of the most attractive as well as breathtaking sports. Taking into consideration, how many people are interested in it, it is not hard to find out how much money is circulated in football.

In my opinion, football players truly deserve all their earned money. Firstly, only world class players earn a lot of money. Secondly, to be really good footballer they've trained hard and dedicate their lives to football from their childhood till now. They don't stop their training and improvment of their football skills and technique every single day, because if they don't do like that they will loose their place in team. Thirdly, I want just to say that it will be unfair to denude their part of money that is earned with sweat.

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