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Do girls do better in single sex schools?


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They do better at having those experimental girl- on- girl, touchy feely romps under the sheets after a few too many many wine coolers. But that's about the only thing they get out of attending an all girl school.

And hell, they can do the bi-curious itch scratch at a coed college just fine anyway. Most women do have their first g on g there. But those fancy Eastern girl colleges like Smith and Vassar and Bryn Mawr are so rampant with dyking that some straight and non bi-curious coeds hesitate to go there, afraid they might one night get slipped a roofie and then find themselves in a game of Ant Hill with a pack of naked bull dykes.


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-Yuri-(284) Disputed
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I am neutral here as I know little on this subject but, you just stereotyped every girl ever as over sexual in all general instances ..

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Whether they do better or worse in school is irrelevant in this particular debate, because the actual issue is what happens after school. The question is if single sex schools prepare their students well enough for life, because you are likely going to work with both sexes, so what is the point of creating a weird and surreal bubble of only men or women? Seems ridiculous to me. Men and women are very different, and it is important that we learn to work together and to break down barriers between genders rather than create them.

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llama(7) Disputed
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Whether they do better or worse is relevant. ITS THE QUESTION! Boys are distracting girls at school. Girls should be separated to be able to engage in class better.

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Boys are distracting girls at school.

Please give me some references of this claim.

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I think Shout pretty much covered it. I understand that some girls would feel more secure in a single sex school and I can appreciate that but I don't necessarily agree with it. It's important now more then ever to really immerse children with those who are different, to break down barriers and accept others differences, be it gender, faith, race or any other issue of "ism" that we face as a society. But then it's not so much putting them all in the same area as it is actually TEACHING them acceptance. Which I guess can be learned in any establishment, I just believe actual immersion in the practice is better.

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Being in a co-ed institution helps both girls and boys to develop the interpersonal skills that are incredibly essential in the work field. It will do them good as it educates them of how to communicate and cooperate with people of a different sex, with beliefs and opinions that may hugely differ theirs; and the knowledge of that is going to come in handy after they graduate. Education on it's own doesn't only cover mere academic performance--in fact, a sky high IQ with insufficient EQ will not get you far. Whether or not the opposite gender can prove as a distraction cannot be said for sure. But there is one thing for certain; this all depends on the scholar and his/her capabilities to manage themselves and stay composed through all of the distractions. Being in a co-ed school trains both male and female scholars to do that, it presents all scholars with troubles that each need to overcome--and the knowledge they will acquire from that will be the backbone to the success in their career.

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