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What else would they name it? Wait..., what? No!!!
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Do gun manuals come with a - Troubleshooting - section?

What else would they name it?

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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It probably says somewhere in there, "If you are having trouble shooting, try the Troubleshooting section below." ;)

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joecavalry(38730) Clarified
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God knows that if I were in charge of the manual, that's how it would be ;)

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bennyvincent(1) Clarified
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yes most of the product like guns or mobile signal boosters or even mobile phones come with instruction manual and they do have trouble shooting section to fix the common issues.

Supporting Evidence: Instruction Manual for the Products (
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That's great news. Glad to hear it ;)

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You really should post a debate or topic called "shower thoughts", I think this would be a good candidate. Or "dad jokes".

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Well..., there is a precedence for something similar to that called The Music Box But I'm the only one who still posts to it ;)

Supporting Evidence: (
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A Joey c;assic/ I should have known, it was you. Have you been?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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I've been good. Trying to milk all the rhetoric for all it's worth ;)

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I don't blame you, leftists, are full of shit............................................................................................................................

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Typically they don't have a section like that. Safety rules, parts listing, basic function and operation, warnings, but usually no "troubleshooting" section... It would be kind of redundant, most problems you get with most guns are solvable with the same actions across platforms. At least, that holds up for the manuals I've obtained so far. That said, now we need a series of troubleshooting for trouble shooting materials (videos, manuals, whatever) that will each cover multiple platforms... I might actually bring this up with our media guy at work, he might be interested in this as a pet project.

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I'm a fan of putting as much information out there on the proper and safe handling and storing of firearms. What are your thoughts on mandatory testing for knowledge of proper procedures as well as a yearly retake, before a person can legally purchase a firearm and keep it?

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Prepare yourself for an onslaught of gun worshipers demanding that you understand that there should be ZERO restrictions on gun ownership.

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Hey Mint_Tea. I think that I've finally lost just about all interest in continuing to contribute to this site, but you seem to be a sane adult, and I'll make an exception for you.

In answer to your question: surprise, not in favor. Now, I do think that the four gun safety rules should be repeated early, often, and over and over again until we're all sick of them. I think that the safety rules should be taught in public schools. I think that you had a great idea, a long time ago, of safety courses being tax deductible (same for gun safes). But. I don't think that the state should mandate them. Why? Because if the government is allowed to put up a hurdle to gun ownership, they will exploit it, and they will drag their feet in giving you permission to own a firearm. This is why we have a 72 hour limit in the federal government getting back to a dealer on a background check. Otherwise, you'd have exactly what we have with New Jersey's pistol permits, or federal class 3 sales, on every gun purchased in the country. Want to buy a shotgun with a barrel that's shorter than eighteen inches? The background check isn't any more thorough than a background check for a normal shotgun, but it takes upward of a year for the paperwork to get through. Want to buy a pistol in Jersey? The state government will take months to give you permission, and that's no accident. There are cases- recent issuance of restraining orders against dangerous persons come to mind- where a potential victim does in fact need a gun in short order.

The safety rules aren't complicated (search '4 rules of gun safety'). It's a matter of repetition until it's ingrained in your subconscious. A mandatory gun safety class can't really cover anything more than you would learn in a ten minute youtube video on the same subject, or any more than would already be in your gun manual, before getting redundant. It's unnecessarily inconvenient, and the added layers of bureaucracy (in a worst case, but not unrealistic scenario) could be used to effect what is oft refered to as "backdoor gun control" just by taking however long the government wants to to process the paperwork.

Hope that answers your question adequately.

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